About Gutterman Enterprises

Gutterman Enterprises was established in 1989. Our mission is to install, repair, and clean all types of gutters on all types of homes and commercial buildings.

Gutterman was purchased by Sierra Roofing and Solar in 2004, and continues to be run as a separate company under the same roof. Sierra Roofing has been installing and repairing roofs for over 32 years, so now we truly are a one stop shop for your roofing and gutter needs. The Sierra purchase brought improved customer service, improved organization systems and better equipment to the Gutterman operation. We are not the cheapest gutter company around, but we offer excellent quality work for a reasonable price. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Here are some of the aspects of Gutterman Enterprises that make us different from other gutter companies:

  • Live People Answer The Phone
  • Level Gutters
  • Rectangular Outlets

Live People Answer The Phone.

When calling our company during business hours (M-F 7:00 am – 5:30 pm), you won’t get an answering machine or have your call forwarded to someone’s cell phone at a loud jobsite. You’ll get a live person in an office, sitting in front of a computer ready to schedule an appointment to have our gutter specialists come out to meet with you and assess your gutter needs.

Level Gutters

We install most of our gutters without a “wing”. That means that the metal flashing that goes under the roof is not attached to the actual gutter. This allows us to make minute up and down adjustments when installing your gutters to ensure that the water is flowing in the proper direction towards the downspouts. Houses settle over time, and the gutters can eventually tilt away from the downspouts leaving standing water in different parts of your gutters. Our crews use levels when installing your gutters to ensure that the water flow is in the proper direction. This is not always 100% possible. Sometimes houses settle too much, and the adjustments have to be too large. If the gutter has to be tilted too much, it will be obvious to the naked eye and will not look right when looking at the roof line. In these instances, we communicate the issue to you and offer other solutions like adding an additional downspout to the low area of the gutter.

Rectangular Outlets

The downspout is not the “bottle neck” in your gutter system…the outlet is. The outlet is the piece that is installed into your gutters above every downspout. The water flows through the outlet into your down spout. Most gutter companies install 2” round outlets in your gutters, because it’s quick, easy, and cheap. We install 2”x3” rectangular outlets. It takes us a little longer, and it’s a little more expensive to install these outlets, but they allow for 66% more water flow out of the gutters and into the downspouts. We’ve found that this helps to cut down gutter debris build up and water overflowing the gutters during heavy rains.